September Readings (9/15 and 9/20)

Please join us Saturday, September 15 at 7 pm for a special reading hosted by Terri Kapsalis and featuring Nathalie (Nathanaël) Stephens, Bin Ramke, and Deb Olin Unferth. On Thursday, September 20 at 7 pm we will be featuring the novelist Nick Mamatas and two emerging writers from Lake Forrest College.

Nathalie Stephens (Nathanaël) writes l'entre-genre in English and French. She is the author of a dozen published works, including *Touch to Affliction* (2006), *L'Injure* (2004), *Je Nathanaël* (2003), *Paper City* (2003), and a forthcoming essay of correspondence, *L'Absence au lieu* (Claude Cahun et le livre inouvert). Her lastest work: *The Sorrow And The Fast Of It* is being published by Nightboat Books. She lives in Chicago.

Bin Ramke teaches at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and is the Phipps professor of English at the University of Denver. He is the author of more than eight poetry collections, including *Airs, Waters, Places*; *Matter*; and *Wake*. He lives in Denver, Colorado.

Deb Olin Unferth's work has appeared in *Harper's, Conjunctions, NOON, Fence*, the *Pushcart Prize *anthologies, and elsewhere. *Minor Robberies*, a selection of her stories, will appear as one volume of three from *McSweeney's.*

Terri Kapsalis is a performer and health educator, author *of Public Privates: Performing Gynecology from Both Ends of the Speculum*. Her writings have appeared *in Lusitania, New Foundations, Public*, and *the Drama Review*, among other publications. She has taught in medical schools as a gynecology teaching associate and is currently teaching in the Department of Performance Studies at Northwestern University.

Nick Mamatas is a two-time nominee for the Bram Stoker Award and the 2005 nominee for the International Horror Guild Award for a first novel. Other titles include *Northern Gothic*, *3000 MPH In Every Direction At Once: Stories And Essays and Cthulhu Senryu*. His writing has appeared widely in publications such as *The Village Voice*, *The Mississippi Review* and *In These Times*. Educated at SUNY Stony Brook and the New School University, Mamatas currently lives in Boston. Copies of his most recent titles, *Under My Roof *(2007) and *Move Under Ground* (2006) will be for sale at the event.