Thursday, January 18 (7:00 pm)

Please join Powells North for our first reading of the new year featuring poet Zach Barocas with Justin Palmer and Amira Hanafi.

Zach Barocas' first book, Among Other Things: Poems and Proposals is available from The Cultural Society.

"Among other things, poems are proposals: proposals that the world may be regarded differently. Zach Barocas does so again and again in this off-beat, pitch-perfect collection. These poem-proposals are among the things of the world, stand out among them, help us see them and ourselves more clearly and from a different, unwonted angle. As Barocas tells us, “one / must at all times act // graciously with one’s / realizations.” And so he has, with a sort of tact and understatement and plain good sense that is surprisingly rare in contemporary poetry. I urge you to accept his proposals."
-Normal Finkelstein